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Canaerti Juniper Tree

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Canaerti Juniper Tree

The Facts

Height: 20′ – 35′
Spread: 8′ – 15′
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained
Growth Rate: Moderate

These lustrous junipers, native to Missouri, are often found in Oklahoma as screens; whether for privacy or for wind. An excellent choice as Canaertii’ is a female variety that produces round, blue, berry-like cones (1/4” diameter) with whitish bloom. Cones are often profuse and are considered to be highly ornamental.

This juniper is a broadly conical, sometimes columnar, dense, evergreen conifer with horizontal branching. Gray to reddish-brown bark exfoliates in thin shreddy strips on mature trees. Trunks are often fluted at the base. ‘Canaertii’ is a compact pyramidal cultivar with ascending branching. Shape opens up and becomes more irregular as plants age. Dark green foliage is mostly scale-like (adult) with awl-like (juvenile) needles on young branches. Foliage generally retains good green color in winter.

Canaerti Juniper Tree

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