The Facts

Height: 2′ – 3′
Spread: 1′ – 2′
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Dry to Medium
Soil: Any
Growth Rate: Fast
A true native to the Americas, Gaillardia (Blanket Flower), this perennial is classic and ignites memories in our inner child. This is especially so if you are a child of Oklahoma, as it is the state wildflower. This is fitting as the name blanket flower came from the brightly colored patterns Native Americans would weave into their blankets.

These blooms often represent the fire of the Sun. Yellow, orange and red hues comprise this flower. Often different shades mingle and colors contrast to make stunnung displays in the garden. It blooms summer into fall. Like many other natives, this perennial attracts pollinators to the garden and helps sustain the ecosystem. Gaillardia is a must-have in any Oklahoma landscape; paying truibute to red dirt state.

Gaillardia Arizona Sun Perennial

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