Shumard Oak Tree

Shumard Oak Tree

The Facts

Height: 40′ – 60′
Spread: 30′ – 40′
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Dry to Medium
Soil: Well-Drained
Growth Rate: Fast
This oak is long lived and respected in the horticulture community. Luscious green foliage lines strees and graces homes through spring and summer, giving way to the gorgeous fall color is is also loved for.

Shumard oak is a medium sized, deciduous tree of the red oak group. Pyramidal in youth but spreads to a braod open crown with age. Shiny, dark green leaves (6-8” long) with deep, spiny lobes (usually 7-9 lobes). Fall color appears late, but is often a respectable brownish red. Insignificant flowers separate male and female; catkins appear in spring as the leaves emerge. Fruist are acorns which are usually not produced until tree has reached the age of 25 years. Indigenous to central and southern Missouri in moist locations in bottomlands and lowlands, including sites along streams and lakes, valleys, floodplains and at the edge of swamps. However, in the St. Louis area, it is most often found on dry, elevated sites.

Shumard Oak Tree

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