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Sensational SunPatiens

Get Growing Today with TLC!

Garden success has never been simpler with easy-to-grow SunPatiens. The thicker petals and tough foliage are less prone to disease, and their strong sturdy stems tolerate high heat and humidity, rain, and adverse weather conditions. They bloom from spring through summer and until a fall frost.

Unlike its shade-loving cousins, SunPatiens thrives in full sun to partial shade. They require a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight to flower. They may be planted under trees with high canopies or on the north side of homes where they receive a few hours of direct morning and or evening sunshine.

SunPatiens eventually grow 18 to 24 inches tall and wide. This vigorous annual works great as a bedding plant or in a large container. SunPatiens grow fast and fill in quickly thanks to their strong, durable root system. New leaves and flowers will cover old blooms so there is no need for deadheading or pruning.

Different varieties of SunPatiens are available in a wide range of colors, including white, rose, salmon, orange, lavender, and red. Plus a few varieties also offer eye-catching variegated foliage. 

SunPatiens should be planted in a well-drained soil. Prepare your soil with a mixture of 50% Back To Earth TM Composted Cotton Burrs and 50% existing soil. TLC recommends a 2-3” layer of Grade A Premium Cypress or Western Red Cedar placed over the bed area will discourage grass and weed growth, conserve moisture, and keep annuals cooler, resulting in better growth. If necessary, pull the mulch back to inspect the soil moisture of the bed. Apply a slow-release fertilizer, such as Osmocote Plant Food, at half the recommended rate at the time of planting. Then apply a foliar feeding of TLC Garden Max every 2-3 weeks for increased flower production. SunPatiens do require frequent watering but allow the soil to dry between waterings. They do rebound quickly from wilt with the addition of water.

TLC has grown these select SunPatiens below for their outstanding color and performance in the spring!

SunPatiens Grown at TLC Garden Centers

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