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Vegetables: Planting Your Seeds

Vegetable Seed Specifics

Plan It Out

The first thing you have to do is decide what you want to plant! After deciding this, you have to know when to start each vegetable. (See the chart below for start times.)

Get Dirty

Once you have figured out what it is you’ll be planting, choose the containers that best fit the space you have to work with. There are several options for starting your seeds inside: Peat Pellets, Planters’ Pride Plantable Pots (plant them straight in the ground later), Planters’ Pride Greenhouse Kits (comes with or without fiber inserts to plant with later), and TLC Planting Trays and Domes.

Once you’ve decided what to grow in you’ll want the right soil to work with as well. Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix or TLC Potting Soil will work best for this use. The dirt is in place and you are ready to get started. Check your seed packets for the correct planting depth. As you plant, be sure to label what you put where. Every plant requires different care, so you don’t want to be giving the wrong kind to the wrong plant!

Heat and Water

Seedlings need plenty of moisture. Just remember, “If it dries, it dies!” The TLC Domes provide a way to keep moisture and humidity trapped to provide the desired greenhouse effect. Planting inside also comes with a lack of heat for the seeds to sprout and grow. If you don’t have a bright window to set them near, there a few things you can use to supplement this. A portable Grow Light and a Planters’ Pride Heat Accelerator Mat will help bring light and the needed heat for the seeds to sprout quickly.


Once you have started your seeds and they are growing vigorously, it’s time to put them outside. Use the chart on the back for help with these timings, but also be aware of sudden weather shifts. Oklahoma winters like to appear again suddenly. If this happens, there are tools to help insulate them from these cold snaps. See an associate for more information.


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