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Ice Storm Damage | Will your tree survive?

Ice Storm Damage 

Trees are remarkably resilient. Healthy trees with no major structural damage, such as split trunks and broken crowns, may recover with time.

Safety First

Branches can fall without warning and at any time. Do not go near any tree close to power lines. Pruning of large branches and trunks is difficult and hazardous.

Assess Your Trees

Call in the Pros

Bring in professional expertise, such as Arborists, to assist in making decisions or in carryout physical work. Before hiring make sure they have proper liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation coverage. Also demand a written cost quotation and detailed work description.

Proper Pruning

Be sure to use the proper tools for pruning. Use chain saws only to remove the larger portion of storm damaged limbs. Use smaller pruning tools that are more easily controlled e.g., hand saws, pruning poles, etc.

Three-Step Method Of Pruning

Make your first cut two feet from the trunk. Cut half way through the branch, moving from the bottom up.

The second cut is one-third to half the diameter of the limb away from the first cut. Cut half way through the branch.
At this point, the limb should fall from its own weight.

The final cut is next to the trunk. Cut outside the branch collar with the lower edge being further away from the trunk of the tree.

Repairing torn bark

Use a chisel or sharp knife to smooth ragged edges of the dying bark. Remove all loose bark to the point where it is firmly attached to the tree. Shape the wound into an ellipse.

Staking Trees

Younger and smaller trees that are bent or leaning can be gently straightened by staking with a guy rope. Nylon strap or cotton cloth more than one inch wide is the best material to go around a tree trunk.

Broken Pines, Cedar, Junipers

Cut the broken or bent tops just above the first live whorl. This will encourage a branch in the top whorl to become the new leader. Find the best branch and gently bend it upwards. Using a biodegradable rag (i.e., cotton, linen) attach the branch to a pole that is tied to the tree’s trunk. This should straighten the branch and encourage it to become the new leader.

Future Care

Keep trees watered regularly during dry spells, including during the winter. Fertilize twice a year, in early Fall and again in early Spring, with TLC Tree, Shrub, and Landscape Food.

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