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November Lawn & Garden Tips

November Lawn & Garden Tips

  1. November is a great time to plant container grown shade trees, shrubs, and ground covers.
  2. Pansies, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale may still be planted. Fertilize at time of planting with Hi-Yield Blood Meal, which also repels rabbits.
  3. Plant spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, etc., Use Hi-Yield Bone Meal.
  4. In early November fertilize established cool-season shady lawn grass with TLC Premium Lawn Food.
  5. Remove fallen leaves from covering cool-season grasses
  6. Fertilize established trees and shrubs with TLC Tree, Shrub, and Landscape Food.
  7. Control existing broadleaf lawn weeds with Gordon’s Speed Zone.
  8. Apply 2” layer of Composted Manure under pines and magnolias
  9. Mulch beds to insulate for winter with Premium Cedar, Premium Cypress,or Pecan Hulls.
  10. Prune trees and shrubs as needed
  11. Dig up and store Elephant Ears, Cannas, Gladiolas, Dahlias, and Caladiums.
  12. Move houseplants inside when night temperatures are below 50 degrees. Treat with Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control.
  13. Compost annual debris and leaves but do not compost diseased or insect infested plant parts
  14. Drain gasoline from power equipment. Drain and store water hoses.
  15. Select your Christmas tree from TLC Garden Centers in late November while selection is the best. Trees from 4 to 15 feet tall are available, including Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, and Douglas Fir. We also flock Christmas trees white for a beautiful snowy appearance. We have delivery service available for Edmond and North OKC.
  16. Pines, spruce, cedars, and junipers are most suitable for uses as a living Christmas tree. TLC Garden Centers stock these in several varieties and sizes. The main consideration in a living Christmas tree is it should only be kept in the house for 5-7 days and not exceed 10 days.
  17. Visit TLC Garden Centers in late November to select from our 30,000 Poinsettias. We also stock Christmas wreaths, roping, greenery, etc.
  18. If rainfall has been deficient, water trees, shrubs, and lawns to prevent winter damage.

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