Seminars held at both locations

9:30 AM

Veggie & Herb Gardening 101

If you are new to gardening – this class is for you. Learn how to start with seeds, improving your garden soil, planting dates and tips to ensure a bountiful, home
grown crop.

2:30 pM

Houseplants for Healthy Living

Help relieve stress, clean the air, and brighten the wintertime blues by learning how to select and care for plants inside your home.

Upcoming Seminars

February 11

9:30 | Lawn Care

2:30 | Shade Gardening

February 18

9:30 | Veggie and Herb Gardening 101

2:30 | Trees For Oklahoma and Screening Plants

February 25

9:30 | Roses for Oklahoma

2:30 | Attracting Butterflies, Birds and Bees

March 11-12

TLC Open House

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