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February Lawn & Garden Tips

Prepping for Spring

  1. Begin the vegetable garden with cool season crops such as potatoes, onions, asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries.
  2. Seed semi-hardy vegetable crops, such as lettuce, turnips, radishes, after Feb 15th.
  3. Till flower and vegetable beds with Back to Earth Soil Conditioner or purchase a raised bed garden kit from TLC Garden Centers.
  4. Plant shade and fruit trees, berries, grapes and shrubs.
  5. In late February, seed new areas or overseed existing areas of shady lawn grasses. Seed with Crossfire 4 Tall Fescue Seed or TLC Premium Sun & Shade Mix and apply Fertilome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer.
  6. Now is the time to apply Sure Green Crabgrass and Annual Bluegrass Preventer for spring weed control in your Bermuda or fescue lawn.
  7. Control existing broadleaf lawn weeds with Gordon’s Speed Zone.
  8. Hi-Yield Dormant Oil Spray can still be applied to control mites, galls, overwintering aphids, and other pests on fruit trees, grapes, berries and roses.
  9. We recommend Bayer Tree & Shrub – Protect & Feed to fertilize established shade and ornamental trees, fruit and nut trees, and shrubs while also keeping harmful insects at bay – including borers.
  10. Apply Bioadvanced Tree and Shrub Protect & Feed for insect control and fertilizer. This prevents borers, bagworms, webworms, scale and other insects for 12 months.
  11. Pansies may still be planted to provide early spring color. Fertilize every two weeks with TLC Pansy Max Food to increase blooms.
  12. Prune dormant deciduous shade and fruit trees in February. You may also prune berries, brambles and grapes.
  13. Do not prune evergreen trees or shrubs until March. Also wait until mid-March to prune deciduous shrubs, including crape myrtle and roses.
  14. If rainfall has been deficient, water trees, shrubs and lawns to prevent winter damage.

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