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TLC Flagship Garden Center - Memorial

105 W. Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

(405) 751-0630

Monday-Saturday | 9am to 6pm
Sunday | 11am to 6pm

TLC Northwest

8208 Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

(405) 720-0091

Monday-Saturday | 9am to 6pm
Sunday | 11am to 6pm

TLC Moonlight Madness Survival Guide

Welcome to the Annual TLC Moonlight Madness Sale!

Almost everything at both TLC Garden Centers locations are discounted for this sale!

Moonlight Madness Survival Tips

Our first Moonlight Madness was held on a Saturday night in 1983 as a seasonal celebration to honor our wonderful customers.

After several years overwhelming crowds, Moonlight Madness was expanded to the current hours of 8 am to 7 pm Saturday and 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday. We still call it Moonlight Madness because the quality, quantity, and prices available are “over the moon”.

  • Almost everything on the property is discounted for this sale.
  • All items are tagged with their regular price, but hundreds of signs display the discount or sale price.
  • We have brought in hundreds of extra shopping carts, they are available at the front door or front gate.
  • The checkout line may appear to be long, but nine registers allow the line to move quickly.
  • We have free water bottle stations scattered throughout the property.
  • Restrooms are located in the greenhouse; look for the orange painted wall. There are also restrooms located on the main driveway.
  • If purchasing large plants or quantities in the nursery, please ask a sales associate to write you a ticket and then proceed to the checkout line. Afterwards drive thru the main gate and we will assist you with loading your plants.
  • Mulch and soil amendments are loaded on the drive. Simply tell the cashier the bagged item and quantity, then drive to the main gate and you will be directed to the Bag Loading Area.
  • We do offer planting and delivery services. A tent on the driveway is staffed to explain planting and delivery charges and to write orders.
  • If you need to return at a later date to pick up any purchased items, we are able to hold purchased items for 7 days. All items will need to be picked up by July 1st.

Please be careful and safe in parking lot and our driveway and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. The staff of TLC Garden Centers offers this sale as a “thank you” to all of you…our customers.

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