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TLC Flagship Garden Center - Memorial

105 W. Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

(405) 751-0630

Monday-Saturday | 9am to 6pm
Sunday | 11am to 6pm

TLC Northwest

8208 Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

(405) 720-0091

Monday-Saturday | 9am to 6pm
Sunday | 11am to 6pm

Two Keys to Container Garden Success

Key 1: TLC Potting Soil

TLC Garden Centers Potting Soil

TLC Garden Centers grows more than a half-million plants every year in our own specially formulated TLC Potting Soil. This premium, lightweight soil provides excellent drainage – the key to growing in containers. TLC Potting Soil is also formulated to hold nutrients and maintain the correct soil pH. TLC Potting Soil contains a mixture of sphagnum peat moss, bark and perlite. It is the perfect soil to grow any plant in any container, from annuals in ceramic pots and vegetables in grow bags to succulents in clay dish gardens.

Topsoil and old potting soil should never be used. The old roots and stems will obstruct drainage, while insects and diseases often overwinter in these soils. Also, there is often a buildup of salts from fertilizer used in old potting soil. The first key to success is using a quality potting soil formulated for Oklahoma – TLC Potting Soil.

Key 2: TLC Garden Max

TLC Garden Centers Garden Max

Annual flowers are always producing new growth and flowers, making them heavy feeders. Frequent container watering results in the leaching of needed nutrients. These nutrients need to be replaced regularly. A regular fertilizer program keeps plants beautiful and strong all season. TLC Garden Max is an excellent, water-soluble fertilizer applied during normal watering.

Garden Max may be applied both to the soil and the foliage. We suggest applying fertilizer to the soil media when it is moist rather than when it is completely dry. This helps to avoid potential damage to the plant. Reapplying every two weeks or so will provide adequate nutrition for most containers. You can adjust the frequency of application based on overall appearance and growth. You can also fertilize with every watering, but using only a half strength fertilizer solution. Occasionally use just plain water to leach the pot.

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