Lantana (Annual Variety)


Lantana flowers have long since been admired for their extended bloom time. The mounding growth habit and colorful blooms makes this a fantastic choice for landscape, baskets and containers! The Lantana is desired most for their bright, ever-blooming colors, heat tolerance, low maintenance and mounding growth habit for landscape, beds, baskets and containers. This is a great annual for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Lantana | TLC Grown in OKC

Most lantana varieties are considered an annual in Oklahoma, meaning that they do not survive the winter. There are a couple of varieties, Miss Huff and Mary Ann, which are considered to be perennial. Annual lantana is usually more compact growing, flower earlier and heavier than perennial varieties.

Lantana prefers full sun and grows best in average, well-drained soil with consistent watering. Most lantana mature to a height of about 20-26″ tall and about 24-36″ wide. These varieties include, among others, Dallas Red, Irene, and New Gold. Several new dwarf lantana varieties have been introduced with a more compact plant, controlled growth habit, and improved flower production and color. The following are some of these new TLC Selected dwarf lantana varieties:

Bloomify Lantana– The first certified sterile lantana on the market! Completely sterile, so it won’t go out of flower in the heat of Summer. Features better branching than other varieties. Nice ball-shaped habit. Height 12-14”. Spread 10-12”.

  • Bloomify Red – red to orange flowers
  • Bloomify Rose – rose-pink to yellow flowers

Little Lucky Lantana– Colorful and compact Little Lucky is tough enough to breeze right through summer heat and humidity. This dwarf form is a winner for containers and baskets and ideal for massing or along a pathway or border. Remains neat and tidy all season with little care. Height 10-12”. Spread 10-12”.

  • Little Lucky Hot Pink – multi-colored flowers in shades of hot pink to orange to yellow flowers
  • Little Lucky Orange – multi-colored flowers in shades sunset-orange, and golden yellow

Lucky Lantana– Stands up well to heat, humidity and other stressful conditions. The plants stay upright and mounded with a controlled habit all season, making them ideal for small-space gardens and containers. Height 12-16”. Spread 12-14”.

  • Lucky Yellow – bright yellow flowers

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