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Fern | TLC Garden Centers

The Facts

Height: 1′ – 3′
Spread: 1′ – 3′
Sun: Shade
Water: Medium to Wet
Soil: Well Drained
Growth Rate: Fast

Ferns are long sought after beauties for woodland and shade gardens. Their brilliant foliage contrasts brightly in dark spaces. These perennials bring life to otherwise lacklusters areas of gardens, porches or trails. While the variety of fern choices is almost endless, in Oklahoma there are four main varieties that stand out: Autumn Fer, Holly Fern, Southern Wood Fern and Japanese Painted Fern. Each of these sport different heights and widths.

These beauties prefer to stay in all shade as the Oklahoma sun can become too much in the hotter months. Most emerge with hues of greens in spring and end their seasons with brilliant color displays in the fall. As long as these beauties have wet feet, they will be wonderful additions to any shady areas.

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