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First Year Tree & Shrub Care

The Best Chance for Success

Now that your new tree or shrub is planted, take these steps to ensure strong, vigorous growth and a healthy, long life.

Watering is very important.

Hand watering is required the first year. Most sprinkler systems do not provide deep enough watering. Slow and deep watering promotes deep root growth, so adjust the water flow on your hose to a steady trickle or use a Dramm Tree Soaker Ring.

Water shrubs for 12 minutes and trees for 20 minutes, 2-3 times each week depending on the amount of rainfall we receive. Plants must be watered throughout the winter as well at least 1X a week.

Clay soil will hold moisture, so always check the soil around the root ball before watering. Trees can experience root rot and die if they “sit” in water. To check your soil moisture, stick a trowel in the ground. If it comes out clean, or you can’t penetrate the ground, you need to water. TLC recommends using a TreeGator to water your tree if you are going to be away from home longer than a week.

Apply Fertilome Root Stimulator or Miracle Gro Plant Food every two weeks during the growing season to stimulate root growth. After the first year, use TLC Tree Shrub and Landscape food twice a year.

Prune away any dead or broken branches, but otherwise avoid any pruning to allow the tree to focus on root growth rather than healing pruned areas.

Remember to refresh your mulch around your new plant once a year since mulch helps prevent winter damage, loss of moisture and weed growth around your tree. Mulch should be at least 2” deep and we recommend either Western Red Cedar or Cypress mulch.

If you are concerned about your plant, text pictures to 405-751-0630.

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