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Canada Red Chokecherry Tree

Canada Red Chokecherry Tree | TLC Garden Centers

The Facts

Height: 20′ – 30′
Spread: 15′ – 20′
Sun: Part to Full Sun
Water: Medium
Soil: Well-Drained
Growth Rate: Moderate

This tough, hardy and colorful ornamental chokecherry is the perfect choice for tough spots to grow in. Its most notable and unique feature are its first emerging lush and green leaves turning bright reddish purple in early summer. The new growth later in the season adds color and texture among the already turned leaves.

The Canada Red features arching branches that develop an evenly rounded crown. This gives the tree a nice silhouette against the winter sky during dormancy. Even highly astringent, the small fruit produced after flowering is sometimes used in jams and preserves. Its beautiful shape and attractive coloring make this tree a superb choice for a street or lawn tree. Its versatility make it a great choice for this or in mass plantings in open spaces as well.

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